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Joining "RVS" on your device after password change

    *Use your username and not your email when connecting to the wifi


    iPhone - Forget the RVS wifi by clicking on the “i” and connect again

    Android/ChromeOS - Forget the RVS wifi and choose the following settings when reconnecting

    - EAP method - PEAP

    - PEAP Phase 2 authentication (if this shows up) - MS-CHAPv2

    - CA certificate - Don't validate

    - Enter in your username name and new password

    *For ChromeOS, after entering in your password, keep pressing connect until you're connected.



    Windows 10

      1. Click the Network or Wifi icon on the lower right corner of your screen.
      2. Click Network & Internet settings near the bottom of all the wifi ssids
      3. On the left side, click on Wi-fi
      4. Click Manage Known networks.
      5. Under Manage known networks, select RVS and click forget.
      6. Rejoin the RVS network with your new password
      7. If you can’t still connect, restart your computer and try joining RVS again.  If that doesn’t work please see Mr. Ha

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