Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs

“We aim to educate, empower and promote leadership within the youth community.”

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Goal and Objectives


To serve as a bridge between City Council, youth and the community by functioning as an advisory body to the City of Airdrie that provides a voice for Airdrie youth.



  • Act as Ambassadors for the Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs
  • Plan and participate in events and projects in the Airdrie community
  • Participate in training and education opportunities that enhance our knowledge as it relates to community needs
  • The Airdrie Board of Youth Affairs will advise the City of Airdrie on:

- Youth involvement in the planning and development of City services and


- How the views of youth can be solicited and conveyed to Council

- Matters of planning and infrastructure

- Matters relating to policy and strategic development

- Planning and development of City services and programs


  • The ABYA consists of a minimum of seven members

  • Membership for first-time members is open to youth ages 11 to 18

  • Existing members may remain on the ABYA until age 24

  • Membership is limited to youth that are residents of the City of Airdrie

  • Three levels of membership are available to youth: Executive Membership, General Membership, and Associate Membership

Interested in joining? Contact Social Planning for more information.

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