Mrs. Cunningham's Home Page

Welcome to WH Croxford High School!  I am extremely excited to be teaching ELA this year.

This semester I am teaching English 10/20 in VAM, CMA and CAPA, Language Arts 9, and ELA 30-1.

You will find access to my course calendars, outlines and other resources below.  I will be updating a calendar for each course on a weekly basis, so that students and parents will be aware of class content and any upcoming due dates.  Course content will also be available in each course Google Classroom. Please ask your son/daughter to log in and show you what they are learning.

PowerSchool grades will be updated on Mondays.  Please try to check in on your child's grades once a week to keep up to date with their progress.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me.


Parent Tips

I encourage parents/guardians to be actively involved in your child's school life.  I believe when parents and teachers work together, students can be successful in their learning.

  • Please visit powerschool frequently so that you are up to date with your child’s assignments, class schedule/timelines, attendance, and marks.
  • PowerSchool Parent Tech Support
  • I update a calendar for each class weekly.  To see what your child is learning and when assignments are due, please select the calendar link in the appropriate course folder to the left on this page.
  • Sign up for Google Classroom email updates so that you can keep up with your child's progress on class assignments.  You can sign up as parent/guardian to receive course information and updates.

If you have any questions or concerns please call me at 587-775-3521 or contact me through email at scunningham

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