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Mr. Block's Digital Teacher Page
Grade 10, 11 & 12 Math
Charlene Wight
Mr. Sandham
Mr. Fuller
Mr. Sandham's Digital Teacher Page
A Description of the Music Program at W.H. Croxford.
File Mechanics Class Expectations
Mechanics Class Expectations - Spicer
Laural Kuntz
English 10-1
File English 10-1 Course outline
Mr. Payne
Mr. Buell
Mrs. Ball's Page
Mr. Remus-Everitt 2019/20
Ms. Rous
File Social Studies 10 Course Outline
Mrs. Borstad's Grade 9 and Grade 10-3/4
Mrs. Rozema
WHC Arts Cafe and Learning Fair - December 20th 2016
An Exhibition of Learning featuring Art, music, Drama, Culinary Arts, Mechanics, Building Futures, Cosmetology, Robotics, Digital Life, and more!
Ms. Sully's Teacher Page
Mr. Mark Friesen Teacher Page
Ms. Rous
Ms. Fulthorpe's Home Page
ELA / Mechatronics
Connor Smith's Page
Miss. Lyons- Spanish 9/10/20/30, English 10 & Foods 9
Mr. Sorathia
English 10-1
Mr. Raymond Li
Auto Mechanics
Mr. Massey
Mrs. Chausse
Paulette Morck
I am part of the Student Services team as the School Counsellor that works with students in grade 9 & grade 11. I will work with students and their ...