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Robotics, Mechanics/Fabrication/ Mechatronics

Robotics 10 to 30:

Students will be working in collaborating groups and problem solving to complete the challenges presented. This will be accomplished by the combination of theory and practical exposure to the areas of Technical Design, Robotics and computer science, and by investigating the following areas:

● Evolution and application of Robotic principles

● Designing and building Robots to complete specifically designed challenges from the real world

● Demonstrate basic computer programming skills

● Develop understanding of robots and the robotic environment

● Apply the fundamentals of robotic systems and basic robotic functions

● Personal Development in problem solving and collaboration through participation  in Robotics


In Mechanics 10 Students enrolled in this course will work on developing the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to achieve success in their personal and work life while applying effective and responsible decision making strategies to the design, service and repair of transportation vehicles.  Students will be expected to link the knowledge, skills and attitudes that they have developed in other courses in meaningful and practical ways to the field of mechanics.

In Fabrication 10:

Students develop knowledge and skills in the use of basic hand tools and materials used in fabrication processes, and safely transform common metals into useful products. They also learn the basic knowledge and skills related to the use of Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW); and Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW);Oxyacetylene Welding and cutting processes in both personal use and commercial applications.


Is a multi-disciplinary approach to the application and design of Mechanical, Electrical and Technical Computer Engineering. Your journey begins to be the technicians, programmers, designers of tomorrow.

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