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For more information contact Rachel Harrowing, Lindsay Rous, or Michelle Thompson

Student Leadership is designed to teach leadership skills to students at Croxford, and to continue to help build positive school culture! Basic leadership skills will be taught and experienced in the classroom and then put to practical use through activities offered at the school and in the community. Students can expect to be involved in some traditional deskwork, as well as high energy, interactive activities that teach leadership skills. We will be involved in putting on many of the key activities in the school, which include spirit activities, staff and student recognition, service projects, and most anything else that is goofy, fun, spirit, and climate building at Croxford.


Student Qualities

  • “Say what you mean, mean what you say, and do what you say you are going to do”

  • Demonstrate Leadership Qualities

  • Willingness to take initiative and mentor others in discovering their passions

  • Demonstrated Trustworthiness, Commitment, Accountability, and Teamwork


Leadership is about

  • Students observing the needs within the school and community and stepping up to generate exciting programs and projects to meet those needs

  • Personal leadership development and mentorship of others

  • Reaching out to others in the community to make a difference through mentorship programs, philanthropic initiatives, and community partnerships

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