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At W.H. Croxford High School, our goal is to create a space where students feel valued through meaningful relationships and where authentic learning occurs. Students should feel safe and secure at school and also have opportunities to explore passions while pursuing their learning in all of their courses.

Those two principles guide our decision making around organizing learners and looking beyond curriculum boundaries to create authentic, cross curricular learning opportunities for our students. For more detailed information about our school, follow this link to the Croxford Way or stop by the school office and pick up a hard copy of the document.

How are learners organized?

At W.H. Croxford, learners are organized into Learning Communities.  All Grade 9, 10, 11 and 12 students are grouped with core teachers (ELA, Math, Social, and Science) in learning spaces that allow for project based learning across the subject areas.   The community determines times, space needs, themes, student supports and resources according to the needs of the student.  Outside of the core communities, exploration centres provide students the ability to explore areas of interest and passion.  Exploration opportunities are available for students who have chosen a specific career pathway and are able to work on obtaining industry skill sets such as the Cam Clark Ford Mechanics Training Centre, Culinary Arts and Cosmetology.  We are also proud of our Academy programs which include (CAPA) Croxford's Academy of Performing Arts, (VAMA) Visual and Media Arts Academy, the Music Academy and Mechatronics.

Learning Communities

Our grade 9 learning community looks to combine teachers in a team teaching role working through the core curriculum together. Our goal with the grade 9 learning community is to ease the transition from Middle School to High School through offering year round core courses, limiting the volume of teachers the grade 9 students have, and allowing them to pursue their passions through 4 option courses and a Personal Interest Project.

Learning Exploration Centers

The Exploration Centers group curricular resources, materials, tools and subject expertise into areas that allow students to explore a wide range of subject areas.  In the early grades, students are encouraged to explore their passion and find out more about themselves.  As students learn and grow they can choose to focus on more specialized or credentialed career opportunities.

In Grade 9, students are enrolled in 4 exploration areas covering the 5 areas of Career and Technology Foundations: Business, Communication, Human Services, Resources, and Technology. Through this process, grade 9 students are encouraged to explore their passions to see areas of interest as they move forward to Grade 10.

In Grade 10 students are allowed to take a minimum of 2 complementary courses. Grade 10 students are required to take Career and Life Management (CALM) and Physical Education 10. Both courses are required for high school graduation. The optional courses in Grade 10 shift to a 5 credit focus, with students exploring their passions further through a course they take everyday for a semester. At W.H. Croxford, we are blessed with speciality spaces including Art studios, Music recording booths, Mac Media Lab, Mechanics Shop, Woodshop, Cosmetology Salon, Commercial Kitchen, and a Fitness Centre. These spaces drive our exploration centres and student learning is greatly enhanced by accessing these areas.

Learning Academies

In certain areas, learners are able to focus on specific career pathways that lead to specialized or credentialed skill sets.  Specialized skills allow students to focus on their passion while Credentialed Pathways are determined by industry standards.  Examples of Learning Academies include:

  • Mechanics Training Center at Cam Clark Ford
  • Visual Arts
  • Performing Arts
  • Mechatronics
  • Art
  • Building Futures
  • Global Sports

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