About Our School

At W.H. Croxford High School, our goal is to create a space where students feel valued through meaningful relationships and where authentic learning occurs. Students should feel safe and secure at school and also have opportunities to explore passions while learning in all of their courses.

Those two principles guide our decision making around organizing learners and looking beyond curriculum boundaries to create authentic, cross curricular learning opportunities for our students. For more detailed information about our school, follow this link to the Croxford Way or stop by the school office and pick up a hard copy of the document.

Learning Academies

In certain areas, learners are able to focus on specific career pathways that lead to specialized or credentialed skill sets. Specialized skills allow students to focus on their passion while Credentialed Pathways are determined by industry standards.  Examples of Learning Academies include:

  • Mechanics Training Center at Cam Clark Ford
  • Visual Arts (VAMA)
  • Performing Arts (CAPA)
  • Mechatronics
  • Music (CMA)
  • Building Futures
  • Global Sports

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