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March 12th, 2024 Update

**Please note that the Grad Ceremony start-time on June 5th, 2024 has been changed. It now begins at 5:30pm, and doors will open at 4:30pm. There is no assigned seating.**

Please take the time to read this email carefully as there is a bunch of

information included.

  1. Each year, we like to acknowledge our Indigenous students. Rocky View Schools will celebrate these students who self-identify. Please let Ms. Morck know if you identify as Indigenous and if you would like that acknowledged in our Graduation Ceremony.


  2. We have a very important but quick survey that we need done for our Prom, all grads are asked to complete this survey. It will help our Prom committee with planning.


  3. Speaking of Prom, this is an important event that WHC fully believes in because it allows our students to participate in a fun event with their class! All graduating students are included and there are no barriers to attending. Grads are free, invited guests are $15.


We are still looking for donations for our Prom. Parents can certainly donate their time or money or supplies to this event! If you would like to be part of the decorating committee for prom, let Ms. Morck know!  Prom will happen on Friday May 3.

  1. The year book has also published an important survey which was sent out last week and placed on Instagram. Only a small portion of students has participated, please do this ASAP


  2. Don’t forget all updates about the Graduation Ceremony and Prom will be posted in weekly emails and will be posted on our Graduation Instagram @croxgrad24

As always any questions or wonders about graduation can go directly to Ms. Morck at

Please click on this link to access more scholarships available.

Valedictorian Speech

Don’t forget that our Guidance team is here to support students for both personal and academic reasons:

A-G Ms. Morck

H-O Ms. Ross

P-Z  Ms. Orchard

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