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Hi! Welcome to W.H. Croxford! This is going to be an awesome year filled with new opportunities and many exciting new challenges to conquer as you navigate your way through High School.

Welcome to my workspace.  I am looking forward to a fun semester and year of learning and working together.  All my course content and assessment activities are located in our Google Classrooms.  Students may seek help in the morning, at lunch, or after school.

Technology: Students will use their own personal devices, or devices provided by the school to engage with our learning. We will use Google Classroom and the Google Suite of apps to accomplish our goals this year. Students will also engage with software programs: Garageband, Logic Pro X, and Ableton Live. A laptop computer or a tablet are preferable for success in our program. Paper-based learning will be limited due to the Covid-19 restrictions, but is possible for those who may not have consistent access to technology or the internet.

I will be teaching and directing the Cavalier Music Academy (runs the whole year), as well as a variety of courses throughout the year. I will also be helping to coach the Senior Girls Basketball team. Be sure to sign-up for tryouts if you are interested.

In first semester, I am teaching Cavalier Music Academy 10, 20, and 30; Instrumental Music 10, 20, 30; and two quarter sections Music 9; all with a NEW electronic music (EDM) component. Course folders located in the left navigation contain course outlines for these courses.

In second semester, I am teaching Cavalier Music Academy 10, 20, and 30; General Music 10, 20, and 30; and Band 9. Course folders, located in the left navigation, contain course outlines for these courses.

For current and future assignments, please visit Google Classroom.

A little bit about me: I have a rambunctious dog that keeps me on my toes! I also love the outdoors, and when I'm not teaching, you can find me camping in the wild, hiking, and partaking in several outdoor sports. I am a lover of music, history, and old priceless junk. Having an academic background in music, ancient history and archaeology, I am frequently playing in different groups and ensembles, getting my hands dirty on dig sites, and hoping to find the next Parthenon or King Tut.

If you wish to contact me to get the word on what we are doing in class; to check in on your child's progress; or simply to say hello, please email me at

Let's have a great semester and year together!



Parent Tips

I encourage parents/guardians to be actively involved in your child's school life.  I believe when parents and teachers work together, children can be successful in their learning.

  • Please visit powerschool bi-weekly so that you are up to date with your child’s assignments, class schedule/timelines, attendance, and marks.
  • PowerSchool Parent Tech Support
  • Please visit your son or daughters Google Classroom course platform and/or notebook so that you are up to date with your child’s learning.  You will have to use their login information to access this information.

If you have any questions or concerns please email me or call me at 587-775-3521 (ext. 7880)



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