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My name is Mr. Teasdale and I am a Teacher as well as a Licensed Mechanic. I currently teach at the Rocky View Mechanics Training Centre located next to Cam Clark Ford in Airdrie. I enjoy teaching mechanics and blend theory based learning with real world experience. I welcome students from all four high schools located in Airdrie, and encourage students who are interested to seek out available positions in my class. We work daily on customer vehicles, and the students perform all the work on the vehicles with supervision by myself as well as a technician supplied by Cam Clark Ford.


At the Mechanics Training Centre, students begin their first year learning about basic tools and their usages, as well as how vehicles are built, and what the inside of an automotive engine looks like. The second year of class focuses on the sub-systems which make up a vehicle, such as brake, steering, suspension systems, and ends with the basics of bodywork and paint replacement. The third year of mechanics requires students to rebuild an automotive engine and ensure that it runs, as well as evaluating vehicle worth and performing wheel alignments.


The Rocky View Mechanics Training Centre welcomes all students, and encourages both students and parents to join us for our open house during semester break in January.


For more information regarding this program, please contact your Guidance department, W.H. Croxford, or Mrs. Gilliland at the Mechanics Training Centre.


Have a great year.


or call me at 403-945-4188

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Mechanics Modules and Prerequisites

This is a list of Alberta Education mechanics modules, and the pre requisites required to achieve credits in each module.

Mech Modules & Prerequisites.pdf — PDF document, 365 kB (373980 bytes)

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Mechanics Training Centre Course Outline 2018

MTC Course Outline 2018.doc — Microsoft Word Document, 38 kB (38912 bytes)

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