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Hi there!  My name is Duane Sovyn.  I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan when there still was a Bachelor in teaching program.  In 2003 I returned to SAIT to pursue my chef papers at SAIT.

After graduating I had the pleasure of being part of a culinary exchange in Austria, where I experienced the food and culture.  Shortly thereafter I taught night classes at SAIT on various ethnic cuisines, then branched out to leading Gourmet Cooking as Team Building events for various government groups.

I come to W.H. Croxford from Bert Church High School where I will continue delivering a successful program to my students.

I presently have the pleasure of teaching commercial foods.  My culinary class focuses on restaurant style cooking, helping to better prepare my students for part time jobs and the possibility of pursuing a career as a chef.  At the end of the year, students have an understanding of can even prepare small dishes at home and for small groupings of people.

Should culinary students need information regarding their classes, we have moved to Googleclassroom.

I look forward to meeting you and making a difference in your child's life!

Chef Duane Sovyn

B.Ed, Red Seal Chef


***For safety reasons Culinary Students MUST wear CLOSED-toed shoes, KNEE-high socks and BAGGY pants.  These items of clothing are there for the safety of students.  Long hair must be tied using a hair elastic.  Students must wear a hairnet and hat whilst in the kitchen.  The kitchen is licensed food establishment and long FINGER nails or nail polish are NEVER permitted.


Parent Tips

Parents/Guardians I encourage you to be actively involved in your child's school life.  I believe when we work together, the children can be successful in their learning.

  • Do not be alarmed if you visit powerschool and all Grade 10 Culinary Marks are not all entered.  We rotate through various areas in the kitchen working on skills in each area that may be weighted differently.  Entering partial marks may give you a skewed idea as to where your son/daughter is academically.  To alleviate this problem I will enter the marks once the course is finalized.  Should there be a concern I will inform you.
  • My office hours are from 2:15-3:15 each day.  Please do make an appointment as at times I have meetings with various suppliers.
  • If you have any questions or concerns please email me or call me at 587-775-3521 ext 7835.
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