Alison Turner

Welcome! I am excited to be at Croxford this year! I will be teaching: Semester One: English 10-1, Social 30-2, Film & Media Studies 15/25/35 Semester Two: English 30-2, Social 30-2, Social 10-2/4, COM Tech 10/20/30

Film & Media Studies

Welcome! I am excited to teach this new course this year. Please see the course outline for assignment due dates and course goals. I look forward to working with you! We are using google classroom for online forum discussions and electronic submissions.

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Social 30-2

Semester one and two we are using Moodle for all course assignments and online discussions. To support how you learn best, you can submit an audio recording, written piece, video, etc. through Moodle. Otherwise in person in paper/project form. I look forward to working with you and supporting you on your diploma course!

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