File Application to Graduate
Students do not automatically qualify to participate in the commencement ceremony. Students must apply to participate in the WHC graduation ceremony.
Grad Portrait Sessions
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File Spring Primer Grad 2017
Guide to Education
Tutorial on "Get Graduated"
A review of the 'boot camps' that were held at WHC during September.
File Alberta High Diploma Requirements
A poster that outlines the requirements. This poster hangs in every classroom at WCH.
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Diploma Exam Schedule 2016-17
Please note: diploma exams must be written on the dates and times specified. If a student misses a diploma examination, they must wait until the next sitting of that exam (usually several months later). A diploma exam is included, free, with the course being taken. After that, a re-write fee is applied by Alberta Education - even if the first exam was not written. Students may write their exams up to six times (total) for one course. Please always check with Alberta Education for the most definitive and up to date information.
File Graduation Handbook
Abacus ExamPrep
Alberta Diploma Prep
About Grade 12 Diploma Exams
File 2017 Grad Talk
File WH Croxford Graduation Sittings - 2017
2017 Grad Rings
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