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Parent Education Sessions in Partnership with Community Education Services

Jan 18 Helping your child find school success

Jan 2018 Stepping Stones Newsletter


January 18 2018: Helping your Child Find School Success (Airdrie)

One of the challenges parents face in 21st century learning is the lack of resources available to help their child with homework. This workshop aims to help parents support their children with school success. Topics include how young brains work (how children learn, learning styles & strategies), study skills & techniques, learning preferences, stress management and using the internet to your advantage for school success.

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February 8 2018: Healthy Relationships: How Parents Can Help their Children Create Positive and Healthy Relationships (Airdrie)

This presentation will focus on how parents can help children develop positive healthy relationships in their lives. Healthy relationships among youth are key to fostering positive social-emotional development, as well as preventing bullying and other relationship problems. The qualities of a healthy relationship will be outlined. Strategies to help parents talk about relationships and promote healthy and positive relationships will be provided. The purpose of this presentation is to empower parents to have meaningful conversations with their children to build the parent-child relationship, as well as provide strategies that parents can use to help their children develop healthy relationships with other adults and their peers. To register visit:



Next Session TBA: Connecting Parent of Youth with Special Needs

Session Details:Are you Parents of a high school student in Airdrie with special needs in Airdrie? Do you ever feel isolated with little to no resources to help support your child? This group provides parents of high schools students (grades 9-12) with special needs

the opportunity to connect with others in the community, while offering guest speakers, informative tools and resources.

Open to Airdrie and surrounding community parents of high school students (Grades 9 – 12) with special needs.


For more information or to register please contact:

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