Welcome to Grade 9

Our Essential Question: Who are we at WHC?


Themes and Goals

Our goal is for Grade 9 students to discover more about who they are, how they learn, and how they become part of our Cavalier community.  Making the transition from Middle School to High School is daunting, so we will focus on putting supports in place for students as they make the jump.

Grade 9 students at W.H. Croxford are cohorted, which means that each class in a cohort shares the same four core teachers. Through this model, we hope to support our students through familiar relationships and opportunities for cross-curricular teaching.

Daily Structure

A day in the life of a grade 9 student at W.H. Croxford includes four 75 minute blocks of classes. Two of these will be mandatory courses in the afternoon, and the mornings offer a mix of Physical Education and CTF options on an eight-week rotation. The day begins at 9:00 AM and concludes at 3:37 PM.

In addition to regular class time, all students at W.H. Croxford participate in a 40 minute self-directed Focus block. This block of time allows students opportunities to access teachers in areas of passion as well as need. Teachers offer tutorial time, study hall, and interest areas such as wellness breaks in the gym and fitness center, peer mentoring, Yoga, dance, art studio time, music recording time, salon assistance in the Cosmetology space, and much more. The goal for this time is for students to understand where they need help and pursue it. If they are on top of their work academically, this can be a chance to spend time in an area of interest.

On Mondays, students spend 40 minutes in their Connect groups. Connect is a chance for students to check in with their teacher advisor on their academic progress. Student announcements are shared, and student feedback surveys are often part of that time. Our goal at W.H. Croxford is for teacher advisors to connect with their students and be the positive 'go-to' person in the building if students or parents have questions or concerns.

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