Meet our Administration

W.H. Croxford High School is thrilled to be led by Principal Todd Kiernan and Assistant Principals Erhayat Ozcan and Tracey Sweetapple.

Mr. Kiernan comes from a long line of educators and began teaching in 1990 in Grasslands School Division near Brooks, AB. His journey with Rocky View began in 2000 when he was hired as the Assistant Principal for the RVS Online School. Over the past 15 years, Mr. Kiernan has been in various administrative roles with RVS working with the development of the online program as well as the Community Learning Centre.  Mr. Kiernan brings a bold vision of 21st Century learning to W.H. Croxford and is thrilled to be working with such great staff, students, and parents.

Administration Message

We are thrilled to come to work at the learning environment provided by W.H. Croxford. Through the planning and implementation stage of starting a new school, two philosophies and principles have shone through clearly. Our goal at W.H. Croxford is to create a space where students find meaningful relationships with peers and staff and engage their learning in authentic ways.

Our staff is involved with students through a variety of ways. Each teacher has a group of approximately 20 students who they meet with weekly during our 30-minute Advisory block. This block allows teachers to connect with students, ask them how they are doing with their studies, answer questions, and plan their educational journey. Teachers are also responsible for the writing and implementing of Individualized Program Plans for students in their Advisory. As we grow, the Advisory program will become even more meaningful. We sincerely desire for every student to connect with one adult in the building.

Another goal we strive for is guiding students to become more self-directed in their learning. Self-direction allows students to take ownership of their learning. It does not mean independence. We believe teacher’s play a critical role in coaching, instructing, and guiding students in their learning. Students have access to many resources at the school through our Personally Owned Device initiative. Having the Internet at your fingertips allows teachers and students to explore questions and resources they did not have access to previously.

Teaching and learning look different then when I went to school. The resources available to students in 2015 are immense. The competencies young people need in a rapidly changing world are diverse. Educating engaged students on being ethical citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit is an enormous task. We are glad you have chosen W.H. Croxford High School and we look forward to working with you to find success for all students.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of us.

Mr. Todd Kiernan - Principal

Mr. Erhayat Ozcan - Assistant Principal

Mrs. Tracey Sweetapple - Assistant-Principal

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